Contact Us

This is the section of the site where we would normally put our cell phone number, home phone number, and home address (including where we hide the key when we’re away).

Sorry, would be stalkers, I just finished an online security course and they told me not to do all that. (BTW, has any blogger ever had to worry about a stalker?).

As a compromise, you can always contact me through the website’s generic email address. I promise to check it on a regular basis. Here it is:

Or you can use the equally generic:

I also have a PO Box in the US that is used for business correspondence. The business address is:

New Meridian International, Inc.
PO Box 971
Reno, NV 89504

Sorry, I don’t have a Tokyo address. Well, I really do; I’m not living in a box, you know. But the instructions on opening my mailbox are in Japanese and it’s really hard to open AND I don’t want to delay receipt of fan mail. So please use the US address if you need to write.

If you’ve made it this far, I want to thank you for reading the boring pages too. Now go back to my latest post and add a comment!