Japanese Culture and Traditions

Tokyo Tempest Season

Summer in Tokyo: The summer Solstice The Summer Solstice falls on 21 June. This day is called Geshi in Japanese. This is the day of the year that has the longest period of daylight and the shortest night. However, due to typical rainy season cloud cover, it is very...

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Hanami – Flower Viewing in Tokyo

Living in Tokyo: the Hanami Party The TJL team was recently invited to a Hanami Party in Tokyo. For those who don’t know of this event, Hanami translates as, “Flower Viewing.” Now, watching flowers are not among our favorite activities. But since the viewing includes...

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Valentine’s Day in Japan

One thing I have noticed since arriving in Japan is the way that the Japanese are willing to grab onto the traditions of other cultures. From the Santa suit-wearing pizza delivery men of Christmas, to the Halloween costumed pretty girls of Roppongi on October 31, to...

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