Japan’s Manga Future Is Here


Two recent news items, both centered on new developments in Japan, show that the Japanese are working hard to create the future they have dreamed of.

The first item concerns a breakthrough in causing hair growth in bald mice. It is documented in this highly technical article located here.

Reviewing the article shows two important points.

First, they are going to get rich!

Next, the stem cell rejuvenation process can be used to change the color of the patient's hair. That means the market is not only limited to balding males, but can include every woman who wishes she could get rid of the gray.

Oh sure, it will start out as an expensive treatment for middle aged men with comb overs or toupees, but will soon expand to include almost everyone. That's seven billion potential customers. I fear those poor researchers are already on the hit list of the Clairol Assassination Squad.

Why stop at merely natural hair colors? A few tweaks of the genes will allow hair colors not normally found in nature. Can Anime style hair be far behind? 

Will the process be extended to include all body hair? The sign of a dedicated Cosplayer (who now takes pains to match eyebrow to hair color) might soon be matching carpet and drapes.

 Note the matching hair and eyebrows


The TJL team is monitoring this situation closely.


The next item as explained in a New Scientist article located here.

This shows the development of a power assist suit by Japanese engineering students that can be used to increase human capabilities. Yes, exoskeletons and Mecha suits are being developed in downtown Tokyo as we speak. Suppa Robotto (Super Robot) is on the way!

Now put these two developments together and what do we have?

In the near future, Japanese warriors with multi-hued hair will be wearing, working, and fighting in Mazinger Z suits!

To all of you who scoffed at us Manga fans; watch out, we are coming!