Ten Things I Love About Tokyo


1. Vending machines for EVERYTHING.

2. A sumo style physique is admired.


Western Sumo

Admirable Sumo Physique

3. Maid Cafes.

4. Heated toilet seats are standard (very nice on those chilly mornings).

5. Hot tubs in every bathroom.

6. Hot Japanese women on every block.

7. Japanese women like to go Dutch.

8. The penis exchange rate ensures that a US 6″ is equivalent to a Japanese 9″.

Measure Up!

9. Extensive subway system allows you to drink and NOT drive

10. Bucket list, Japanese twins; it could only happen here. Think of the possibilities, Austin.

Japanese Twins

Twice the Fun

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  1. Neil

    This is really hilarious!!! I was expecting a list that says, “I like Japan’s culture” and “The sceneries are breath taking”. I would have to agree that beer on vending machines, cute japanese girls, and the penis exchange rate thing is really something that I look forward to when I get the chance to visit this country.

    Well, I haven’t been to Japan but I would want to visit that country one day. I am a big fan of Japanese Manga and animes – It’s amazing how the Japanese takes cosplay so seriously that they actually spend time and money for their costumes. Hope you could also cover a story about that here in TJL. Thanks!