Transferring Photos From Your Softbank Phone


As a follow up to my previous article “Setting Up Email on Your SoftBank Phone,” I have an update to make.

I finally ordered and received a StarTech IRdA USB Adaptor. This device will allow you to transfer files to and from your SoftBank 730SC phone. This will allow you to bypass the 300KB per attachment size limit on SoftBank's “Unlimited” email.

I got my IRdA Adaptor from Amazon and it arrived within two weeks to my company's mailbox. The setup was quick and easy. However, I did need to go to the manafacturer's website to download the latest installer and driver. The included mini-CD did not work correctly.

I was able to use the device to download all of my photos from the phone to my computer. As noted in the previous article, you should be careful to rename your photos after download to avoid overwriting older photos with newer photos that happen to have the same name.

Another minor issue is that the photos downloaded from the phone all were added to my Desktop. I then had to transfer them to my Photo folder on the computer. I killed two birds with one stone by renaming the photos as I moved them.

While the quality of the photos from the 730SC phone is not great, I was able to catch a few good photos this way.